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Tony Hawk's pro skater 3


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About the game
Skate with friends in 8-player online play.Multiplayer modes: all the old favourites plus three new team-based online games - Capture the flag, Control the zone, and Keep away.
Now more tricks than ever, including the revert and flatland tricks like the handstand manual.
Choose from 13 top pros or create your own legend with Create-a-Skater.
Trick off everything in 8 Massive Living Levels.
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Take some Glitches of the game

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Who wants to know how to change the boards of the game see this video

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I do not use cheats, but for anyone interested: ROADTRIP - Unlock all of your skater, BACKDOOR - Unlock all cheats; Peepshow - Unlock all movies on the Options menu; YOHOMIES - Unlock all secret skaters; GIVEMESOMEWOOD - Unlock all boards; IDKFA - Unlock the movie and the character Gearbox Tribute Doom; WEEATDIRT - Unlock all Create-a-Skater

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